• Chris OBrien

Writing Prompt: What's your favorite Toy Story memory?

I'm on a big Toy Story kick right now. After seeing Toy Story 4 a few weeks ago, I've gone a little bit obsessive. Re-watched the first three films. Been humming the song, "You've got a friend in me," at least seven times a day.

I started writing a blog post on the whole series, trying to get my thoughts down on paper. Turns out I had a lot to say. Here's the finished post on my weekly blog Medium Rare.

I want to try something different here on the Long Overdue blog. Out of a love for Toy Story and also an encouragement for writers to Get Started, I'm posting a writing prompt for any Toy Story fans out there.

Prompt is simple - What's your favorite Toy Story memory?

Could be about the film itself. Favorite scene. Favorite moment. Favorite character.

Or it could be about the experience watching it. Where were you? When was this? How old were you when you saw it? How old were your kids? Did you buy your kid a Buzz Lightyear?

And why does this movie mean something to you?

Just some initial questions to get you started. If you take on this writing prompt, write a blog/essay, feel free to publish on your own site or email here (library@longoverduestories.com) and we will run your post on the blog.


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