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Mikki Chewz: From 5th Grade Science Project to Small Business with a Great Cause

By: Mikaela Turner

Mikki Chewz started as a 5th-grade science project. The project was either to invent something or do a research project. I chose to invent candy. 

The candy was a hit at the science fair and, since both of my parents are entrepreneurs, they continued to push me towards making Mikki Chewz an actual business.

More than Candy

I always had a lot of friends and a few family members who suffered from some sort of mental illness, mostly depression and anxiety. Sometimes, having the talk about someone's mental health, especially in the POC (people of color) community, is a little difficult to have.

However, combining Mikki Chewz, a sweet treat with the conversation about mental illness, might make it easier for them to listen and see that I am genuinely concerned for them. I honestly just want my friends who deal with depression, anxiety, etc. to feel the inner child-like joy I feel, to seek help, talk it out, take meds if you need to and start to enjoy life. That's what I am committed to.


The National Alliance on Mental Illness was a clear choice for me to donate to because they are very open about minority mental health, which is my main focus. Moreover, NAMI is extremely active in trying to fight the stigma in the POC communities, their team is very kind, responsive,  and their resources are abundant. 

How do I envision connecting with students

I plan on being myself, sharing my story, and the resources (flyers, brochures, helpline cards) NAMI has to offer.

Business Model

Our value proposition: Local, small-batch, handmade, sustainable chocolates, which donates 15% of proceeds to NAMI.

Mission Statment

For candy lovers who care about health for all, Mikki Chewz is sustainable, chewy chocolate used to raise awareness and get help for mental health; especially for people of color in rural and urban communities.

Vision Statement

Bringing child-like joy one chew at a time!

We seek to bring the “inner-child” out of adults. Moreover, we want to ensure that the “child-like joy” inside of the children stay present with the help of our delicious and chocolaty Mikki Chewz!

To learn more about Mikki Chewz and order candies from my online store, you can visit my website here. You can also email me directly at mikkichewz@gmail.com.

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