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How Strawberry Moon author Joy M. Lilley setup a book signing event

By: Joy M. Lilley

I set up the book signing, by heading for our local High street. Therein lies a wonderful second hand book shop. It sells the books to raise money for a Children’s Hospice. The owner checked out with his manager to see if it was alright for me to have the event, and all was well.

On the 27th of April, 2019 the signing took place. The day was dark and wet. Many friends and family members came to support me allowing me to sell books and donate 50% of the proceeds to the Demelza hospice fund which raises money to support terminally-ill children.

I sold a few more privately later and took half the money back to Demelza.

On reflection I think more books would have sold had I been in the local library, as those buying books in Demelza are after a cheaper read

I thank the staff of the shop for allowing me to enjoy this special day.

Joy M. Lilley is the author of Strawberry Moon which she published earlier this year through Long Overdue.

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