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Chris Rock and Conan O'Brien were shy once too

I was listening to an episode of the podcast "Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend." The guest was Adam Sandler.

They were talking about their early days at SNL and how Adam Sandler was always confident. Even as the new guy, he'd walk into any room, always displaying this incredible level of confidence. He had no doubt he was going to become a major star.

What was interesting to hear, though, is Conan felt remarkably shy. Same thing with Chris Rock. It took them time to find their stride. To believe in themselves and find their voice. To have the type of confidence they have today.

If you're new to writing and the idea of reading your work out loud terrifies you, or you go to a writing class and your legs shake when classmates are going over your work, or you feel sick to your stomach when receiving tough feedback or dread seeing a negative review, just know you're in good company.

You can enter the room like a young Conan O'Brien or a young Chris Rock.

They were shy once too.

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